Everyone does Lay-By’s...So why is VURSA different?

Because traditional Lay-By's do not allow choices.

At Vursa, our unique voucher system allows you all the benefits of a standard lay-by
BUT...You can change your mind whenever you want.
So, lets say you buy a voucher for a TV unit and then a few weeks later you see something else you prefer and wish you could change your mind. 
With our vouchers you only have to make a final
decision on what product you want to buy when you are ready to place your order.
Our vouchers give you all the flexibility of being able to Lay-By in our stores but with the added benefit and VURSAtility of having choices.
For more info on our exciting and unique voucher system, please visit us in store and our lifestyle building team will show you how it works.
Alternatively, you can contact us via our Facebook & Instagram pages or email us on info@vursa.co.za