Do you charge for delivery ?

Yes we do. The price for delivery will be dependant on your location. This will be determined once you select your address on final checkout. 

Once I've paid, when will my order be delivered ?

For all furniture ( excluding couches ) your order will be delivered within 5-7 working days.

For all couches , your order will be delivered within 7-10 working days 

For all homeware, cookware & appliances, your order will be delivered within 2-4 working days. 

What happens if I select to collect my order from a store on checkout, but then decide that I would prefer delivery ?

You will need to go online and purchase a separate delivery 

Can I order if I live outside of Gauteng ?

For any orders outside of Gauteng, please contact us prior to final checkout on

Do you deliver after hours ?

We do prefer to deliver during working hours however we will always try and accommodate our customers so for any deliveries outside of these hours, please make sure to add a note on checkout. 

Std delivery hours : Mon - Friday , 9am - 6pm

Am I able to collect my order ?

Yes you are. On checkout, you can select to collect your order from one of our stores. Alternatively, you can collect from our Head office or Factory on special request.

Do you charge for assembly ?

Yes we do. This will be added to your basket on checkout.

If I have chosen to have my item assembled and I want to rather have it as a flatpack option , is this possible ? 

Yes this is certainly possible. You will need to contact us on with your order number and we will make the necessary changes.

Do I get instructions and tools if I choose the flatpack option ?

Yes you do. We have a very clear and concise manual that is packaged along with the required tool for you to easily assemble your product.

If I choose assembly, where does my unit get assembled ?

Your unit will be assembled in our factory prior to delivery. If there are any specific requirements surrounding the assembly please make sure to communicate that on checkout. 

Do I pay an assembly fee for every unit I order ?

The assembly fee is based on the total purchase value which will be determined on final checkout.

Do you offer installations ?

We do not currently offer custom installations. 

What is the difference between assembly and installation ? 

Assembly is when the factory will assemble your unit for you and we will deliver your item already built. 

Installation is if you would like us to install your purchased item inside your home / office / kitchen. Currently we do not offer an installation service.